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Like you, many pet owners feel a special connection to their pet. Along with providing a safe and nurturing environment, pet parents are interested in finding out as much as they can about their “best friend”. Pet-Labs DNA & Breed Test can help them unravel the mystery and help families feel closer to their pets. The test will cross reference your dog’s DNA with the over 120 breeds in our database and let you know the breeds that make up your pet. Beyond satisfying your curiosity, a DNA & Breed Test has these other important benefits: Explaining behavior: A Breed test can give you that “Ah ha!” moment. You find out that he is part terrier: Ah ha! So that’s why he’s always digging. You find out she’s part Shetland sheepdog: Ah ha! So that’s why she runs continuously around the edge of the park! You find out he’s part Lab: Ah ha! So that’s why he loves to swim! Helping in training: Purebred dogs are known to have consistent behavior traits. If we know the breed mix of our pet, we can develop training programs that are well suited to these known traits. An intelligent, high energy, herding breed might require different activities than a dog with a more calm and affectionate temperament. Managing Health: Health and wellness issues can also be addressed if we know the breed composition by helping veterinarians proactively infer a dogs potential health risks and administer recommendations during the course of veterinary visits. Important features of Pet-Labs DNA &Breed Test: • Safe and painless, non-invasive sampling method • No veterinarian needed • Identifies over 120 breeds • Results on a frame quality “Certificate of DNA Analysis” All returns or refunds are subject to a restocking fee of 15%. Shipping charges on returned products are the responsibility of the customer.


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