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is America’s Largest Consumer Pet Laboratory and the innovator in the exciting concept of consumer direct pet testing in the growing “Pet Wellness” arena! 

is the first national direct to consumer animal health and wellness testing laboratory staffed by licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Most pet owners only visit the vet when they see something wrong with their pet. Pet-Labs enables pet owners to pro-active in the monitoring of their pet’s health, making for healthier and longer living pets! Our site will therefore produce intense pet owner loyalty, and that loyalty will extend to our affiliates and their products and services!

offers preventative screening tests for pets performed by recognized laboratories and reviewed by licensed veterinarians, and the pet owner decides who receives the results. Simple and routine pet screening tests can provide pet owners with valuable information so they can take action to maintain or improve their pet’s health

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You can order tests on Pet-Labs with confidence! We maintain the highest levels of privacy and security. If you have questions, call us at 866-9-PET-LAB to speak with our staff today!