Employment Opportunities

We’re proud to encourage an internal culture that promotes accountability for results and focus on the customer, and we have employees at every level who demonstrate agility, innovation and passion for the business.

We hire creative thinkers from all walks of life to contribute to our dynamic team, and help us grow into a strong, smart, and profitable company that gives back to the community.

Our Mission is to help pets lead healthier and more beautiful lives 

Delivering on our Mission 

It all starts with our employees - incredibly talented, confident and energetic people that operate with a clear set of values. Regardless of the environment and circumstances, our values come first. Our values are the foundation for all we do and more than anything else, they guide the actions we take every day, with customers, colleagues and shareholders.

Our values are: 

We appreciate. We are honest, open and direct in dealing with others. We succeed when our colleagues succeed and when we leverage each person’s uniqueness.

We adapt. We are resourceful, quick and innovative, acting on the best ideas regardless of source.

We care. We have a positive impact in the community and on the planet.

We deliver. - We give each customer a great shopping experience. We stretch by setting high standards and hold ourselves accountable for consistently achieving exceptional business results.

Note Regarding Unsolicited Resumes:

Any unsolicited resume submitted to Pet-Labs becomes our property and will be considered a no-fee referral. We will have the right to hire the applicant at our discretion without owing any fee to the submitting agency, entity or person. Placement agencies that have fee agreements with Pet-Labs must submit resumes as specified in the applicable agreement to be eligible for placement fees.

Email resumes to info@PetLabsMD.com, please no phone calls!

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You can order tests on Pet-Labs with confidence! We maintain the highest levels of privacy and security. If you have questions, call us at 866-9-PET-LAB to speak with our staff today!