How the Pet-Labs Process Works

Pet-Labs Online Lab Testing - 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Member Log-In Registration & Online Lab Test Purchase

To place your order online, register as a new customer or log-in as a returning customer.  Then select the online lab test(s) that are right for your pets with our easy to use online Lab Test Directory. Choose from Wellness, Nutrition, Cancer testing, cholesterol tests, blood testing, etc. Additionally, you can start taking control of your pets health & wellness today by calling Toll Free at 866-9-PET-LAB to place your order during our business hours or email:

Step 2: Pet-Labs Is National with Optional In Home Services

Pet-Labs offers pet owners services nationally by shipping our testing kit(s) to our customers for sample collection at their local veterinarians office.  Additionally, Pet-Labs offers pet owners the convenient option to have a licensed veterinarian or certified veterinary technician to procide in home services. A Pet-Labs staff will send you all the test paperwork necessary for the lab tests you request. Rest assured that these are the very same labs that veterinarians use from major laboratories.

Step 3: Test Your Pets at Your Convenience (Optional)

Pet-Labs provides pet owners the opportunity to have services performed at their convenience. Pet-Labs offers in home testing appointments daily including Saturdays and Sundays (when available). To keep our prices at a 40% to 60% reduce cost, our in home services are provided as an additional service cost to our members only when requested.

Step 4: Pet Lab Test Results

There’s no need to wait up to two weeks for your pet laboratory test results. A licensed Pet-Labs veterinarian will review your pet(s) results and provide a review usually within three to five days. All results will then be emailed directly to you.  Additionally, Pet-Labs can email a copy of your pet(s) test results to your local veterinarian.

Order Your Online Pet Lab Test - The Time Is Now

Let Pet-Labs put you in control of your pet's health & wellness today. Order blood work, urine tests, diet, nutrition, or breed testing today. Call or Email one of our specially trained and knowledgeable staff at 866-9-PET-LAB or email for more information or simply order an online lab test now.

The Key is Convenience - Saturday & Sunday Appointments Available

Chances are, the easier it is to get your pet's blood lab work, the more likely you are to have these tests done routinely. That’s why at Pet-Labs we provide pet owners door-to-door services.  Our clinical laboratories are certified at both the federal and state level. In addition, any laboratory we recommend has been approved, and performing the same standard tests that are offered through a veterinarians office or animal hospital.

The Right Lab, The Right Test, The Right Time Is NOW! 


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100% Private and Secure

You can order tests on Pet-Labs with confidence! We maintain the highest levels of privacy and security. If you have questions, call us at 866-9-PET-LAB to speak with our staff today!