Colitis / Intestinal Dysfunction

Colitis is an inflammation of the large bowel (colon). The inflammation may be sudden for a brief time and frequently responds to a short regimen of therapy, or chronic colitis, disrupting your pet's normal bowel habits for several years. and sometimes - a lifetime.
Some dogs and cats have minor clinical signs; others have severe and sometimes disabling or fatal signs. Dietary therapy and certain medications can help control the inflammation and most signs, but they generally do not provide a cure.
The inflammation in chronic colitis is manifested as diarrhea; you most likely will see small quantities of mucus and/or blood-streaked stools. The diarrhea may be intermittent or continuous. Abdominal pain, depression, fever, weight loss, and a dull coat may also be seen.
Many things can cause colitis. In many cases, the exact cause of colitis may never be determined. They include: bacteria, certain foods, foreign bodies, fungus infections, immune problems, intestinal parasites, spasms, tumors, and other unknown factors.
Few cases of colitis can be cured. The goal of therapy for chronic colitis is to enable your pet to maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible. Diet and drugs can generally suppress the inflammation in your pet's colon and help reduce or prevent recurrences.

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