Avian Profiles

Avian Brief Chem Profile: Glucose, Total Protein, AST, Uric Acid,
Avian Brief Chem Profile plus CBC
Avian Full Chemistry Profile, Glucose, Total Protein, Albumin, Creatinine, Calcium, Phosphorus, Total Bilirubin, Alk. Phosphatase, AST (SGOT), Amylase, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride
Avian Full Chemistry Profile, plus CBC
Avian Digestive Profile, Glucose, Total Protein, Uric Acid, AST. CBC, Chlamydia PCR, Gram Stain
Avian Hepatic Profile, Glucose, Na, K, Cl, Total Protein, alb, Ca, Phosphorous, Uric Acid, AST, Chol, LDH, CK, B. Acids
Avian Hepatic Profile, plus CBC.
Avian Hepatic Profile, plus Chlamydia PCR
Avian Hepatic Profile, plus CBC, Chlamydia, PCR
Avian Pre-Purchase Exam Avian Chemistry Profile, plus CBC, CHL-Ab, Giardia-Ag, Fecal-Gram-Stain, Prot. Elect. 1 fecal smear
Avian Regurgitation Chemistry Profile, plus Gram stain, Culture Lead, Protein Electrophoresis
Avian Respiratory Chemistry Profile I: plus CHL-Ab, Ova & Parasites
Avian Respiratory Chemistry Profile II: plus CBC, Asperigillus, Prot., Elect., CHL-Ab, Ova & Parasites
Avian Metabolic/Urinary Chemistry Profile, plus CBC, Prot. Elect, Urinalysis
Avian DNA Sexing, Contact Lab for specific information
Avian PU / PD Profile Avian Chemistry Profile, plus CBC, Urinalysis, Protein Electophoresis
Feather Picker Profile I: Glucose, Total Protein, AST, Uric Acid, CBC, Skin culture, Giardia-Ag, Fecal-Gram-Stain
Feather Picker Profile II: Avian Full Chemistry Profile, plus CBC Giardia-Ag, Skin-cult, PBFD, Fecal - Gram-Stain, Prot. Elect.
Iron Storage Panel, Avian Hepatic Profile, plus CBC, Chlamydia, PCR, Prot. Elect., Iron.
Iron Storage Panel plus Liver Biopsy

When purchasing a bird, whether for pleasure, breeding, show, or other reason, it is important to know what you are buying.  Engaging a competent experienced veterinarian for the specific breed you are interested in is most important. 
A physical examination alone, even including X-rays is not complete without a full blood analysis profile specific to the bird you are interested in.


Note: For Explanations of Abbreviations, Tests, Profiles, and Panels, see: Chemistry Profiles/Panels, Abbreviations & Definitions

Note: Only the most common tests, profiles, and panels are listed here. If you do not see a test, panel or profile to fit your needs, call customer service and our representatives will search our extensive test database for the tests you want.


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