Allergies and Allergic Dermatitis

One of the most common conditions affecting dogs and cats are allergies. Dogs and cats that scratch excessively may be allergic to something. Some are affected only certain times of the year, while others have problems all year long. Pets may be allergic to such things as flea bites, pollens, molds, grasses, trees, foods, or even other pets. Other manifestations of allergies involve the respiratory system and may result in coughing, sneezing, or wheezing. takes the guess-work out of allergy testing by offering several panels which test for the most common causes of allergies. We also test for some very rare causes so that you can confirm past exposure to just about anything. If you are unsure about which tests to order, call and ask to speak to one of our allergy experts here at

Allergic dermatitis is a general term to describe a group of skin conditions that may be caused by a multitude of factors from fleas, food, pollen, insects, soil and grass, and a multitude of unknown substances.
Allergies are immune reactions by the body to one or more given substances, which the body recognizes as foreign. These reactions occur following an initial exposure to the allergen; then with development of a hypersensitivity that causes itching and inflammation upon future exposures.

Note: For Explanations of Abbreviations, Tests, Profiles, and Panels, see: Chemistry Profiles/Panels, Abbreviations & Definitions

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