Pet Wellness Plans Membership Club

Pet Wellness Plans Membership Club
Pet owners generally take their pets to the vet only when they perceive a problem. Often it is then either too late to treat the problem, or more expensive to treat the problem. At Pet-Labs we offer the easiest and most cost efficient solution to keeping your pet healthy: the ability to get a low cost testing right to your home!

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Why you get a comprehensive 25 test blood chemistry profile and analysis for your pets
What do coffee grounds, grapes/raisins, chocolate, onions, yeast dough, tea, macadamia nuts, alcohol, fatty foods, salt, avocado, garlic, chewing gum, candy, and breath fresheners containing xylitol, all have in common. They all could be harmful or potentially deadly to dogs and cats.

Every time you step outside, you are unknowingly picking up potential disease causing agents, such as lawn chemicals, fleas, ticks, viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, etc., on your shoes or your clothing. When you return home or if someone else comes to visit, you and they bring those potential disease causing agents inside to your pets. If your pet goes outside, even if on a leash, the possibility of ingesting something harmful is magnified 100 fold.

Annual visits to your veterinarian for an examination and vaccinations do not normally include a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis. Only when you take your pet to the vet with a potential problem, will a blood test be recommended. We hear every day where a person goes to their doctor with an ailment, only to find out that they had the problem for a while and now it’s worse. Unfortunately, with dogs and cats, which retain characteristics from when they were wild, any show of weakness or illness meant certain death. As a consequence a pet may harbor a curable painful condition for years before it becomes so bad they can’t hide it any longer. Then your vet tells you that the results showed that the problem is possibly too advanced to cure. If only they caught it earlier!

A FREE annual comprehensive 25 test blood chemistry profile analysis could pick up the majority of these early potential problems before they become symptomatic and potentially fatal.

Dr. Matthew J. Toia, D.V.M., Chief Veterinary Officer of

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