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February 9th 2010 - ("Pet-Labs") Chief Veterinary Officer featured on The Sun Sentinel Morning TV Show

use space (“Pet-Labs”) Chief Veterinary Officer featured on The Sun Sentinel Morning TV Show

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - ("Pet-Labs") is proud to announce that Dr. Matthew J. Toia, D.V.M. Chief Veterinary Officer was a featured guest on South Florida’s Sun Sentinel Morning TV Show. Pet-Labs offers health, wellness and specialized pet laboratory testing as described at Pet-Labs enables pet owners to purchase affordable testing services directly at 40% to 60% reduced cost and savings for their pets. Pet owners will have the added convenience of receiving at home services provided by a certified veterinary technician.

“Dr. Toia discussed the unusual Botulism crisis affecting dogs and animals in South Florida. The extended cold weather killed many South Florida iguanas or caused them to go into a state of suspended animation. Iguanas are cold blooded reptiles and need the sun’s warmth to survive. Residents reported them dropping from trees like falling fruit, and area pets, thinking they’re play toys, chew on them like they’re a bacon treat. The results are disastrous. The Clostridium botulinum bacteria, common in soil and aquatic plants, produce a deadly toxin. Both women and men pay large amounts of money to have highly diluted amounts of this toxin injected into their skin (Botox). The dogs, however, receive a massive dose from the decomposing carcass of these iguanas, and develop Botulism. It begins with lower limb weakness, blurred vision, droopy eyelids, vomiting, and severe abdominal pain. The disease then progresses to paralysis and if the muscles that control breathing become paralyzed, then dog will die.” said Lional Dalton Chief Marketing Officer of

Dr. Toia explained that if affected pet owners were subscribers to the Pet-Labs e-newsletter, they would have been forewarned at the first news of the outbreak and advised of simple measures to protect their pets from this deadly disease. Click here to view the full 3:53 second interview:

Pet-Labs welcomes associations with veterinarian's, veterinary technicians, pet service providers and other strategic partners nationally.

For More Information & Interested Parties: can be reached at 866-9-PET-LAB or visit the company's website at or email

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