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February 5th 2010 - ("Pet-Labs") Management Team

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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - ("Pet-Labs") announced today its formation of the company’s first management team.  Pet-Labs offers health, wellness and specialized pet laboratory testing as described at www.PetLabsMD.comPet-Labs enables pet owners to purchase affordable testing services directly at 40% to 60% reduced cost and savings for their pets.  Pet owners will have the added convenience of receiving at home services provided by a certified veterinary technician.

"We are very proud of our innovative business. In 2006 according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly half of pet owners considered their pets to be family members. There are more than 72 million pet dogs in the U.S. and nearly 82 million pet cats. The average annual veterinary expenditure per household for all pets was $366.  Pet-Labs will revolutionize the pet laboratory industry in the same manner that 1-800-Pet-Meds fundamentally changed the pet pharmaceutical industry.  Pet-Labs believes that early detection of potential ailments or disease through wellness screening ensures a long healthy life for your pets." We are proud and excited to have assembled such a talented management said Ed Estriplet, Jr., Founder and CEO of Mr. Estriplet can be reached directly at 866-634-9966 or e-mail

Dr. Matthew J. Toia, DVM., Chief Veterinary Officer: Dr. Toia is widely known as an innovator in veterinary medicine.  He created the first mobile spay/neuter clinic for pets in 1971.  In 1984 he introduced the first Pet HMO in New England.  Dr. Toia has published several articles in national and state veterinary journals, and in 2008 published his first book "You Want Me To Declaw What?" a series of short stories about some of his more unusual adventures in practice.  The revolutionary concept of an internet based direct-to-consumer pet laboratory was a natural move for this innovator.  Dr. Toia can be reached directly at 866-MD1-8886 or e-mail

Mr. Mark D. Stein, MBA., Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Stein is highly respected as the former Chief Financial Officer of Decker College in Louisville, KY. Mr. Stein provided the vision, leadership and management of the financial and operational functions of this $200M organization.  Mr. Stein was the former controller of Penn Florida Cos. in Boca Raton, FL and managed all cash flow projections, budgets, and financial analysis for seven developments with projected budgets over $1Billion dollars.  Mr. Stein is the former CFO of Keiser Collegiate System, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and managed the accounting and financial operations of this $115M educational organization.  Mr. Stein holds two MBA’s in finance and marketing among his many accomplishments.  Mr. Stein can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

Mr. Joel B. Tabachnik, Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Tabachnik is currently CEO of Atlantis Toys, Inc., a Florida based international business consulting and inventing company, and a Partner in Global Marketing Strategies, Inc., a Florida and New York based partnership providing business consulting, licensing, and strategic planning services to companies in a variety of consumer product industries. He has had extensive involvement in international business, China manufacturing, major retailer sales, and the consumer electronics and juvenile products industries, for over thirty years. In his capacity as a strategic business consultant, Mr. Tabachnik recently arranged a licensing partnership for the marketing of Crayola brand children’s bottled water by Advanced H2o LLC, a major supplier of private label bottled water to some of the largest national retailers, which is presently making its’ way to supermarkets and discount stores across the USA.  Mr. Tabachnik was Chairman and CEO of Talbot Toys Ltd., a toy and youth electronics company based in Hong Kong, where Mr. Tabachnik was a resident for six years.  Mr. Tabachnik served as Special Advisor to the Board of Directors of SSD a Japanese technology company, creating new business ventures with Jackie Chan, the international movie star, to create and market interactive video products among his many accomplishments.  Mr. Tabachnik can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

Mr. Lional Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer: Mr. Dalton is a former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion with the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.  Mr. Dalton is the founder of Kids Power Play Sports.  Mr. Dalton will be one of Pet-Labs official spokesperson and endorses.  Mr. Dalton is developing the national market share of Pet-Labs in sports marketing.  Additionally, Mr. Dalton will lead a team of season marketing leaders on Pet-Labs brand building objectives. Mr. Dalton can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

Mr. Gary Bahadur, Chief Security Officer: Mr. Bahadur is the Founder & CEO of KRAA Security with over 15 years experience in the information security and technology industry. Mr. Bahadur was the cofounder and CIO of Foundstone, Inc. a $20M security vulnerability risk management firm with five offices in the United States and one office in Singapore and one office in India. He conducted business development, corporate strategy development, client management, information systems development, consultant management, public speaking engagements and conducted security consulting engagements for Fortune 100 companies against NIST, COBIT, SOX, HIPAA and other standards. Foundstone was sold to McAfee for $86 Million in 2004.  As a Senior Vice President of Bank of America, Mr. Bahadur redesigned the Global Threat Management Lifecycle strategy and Risk Forecasting strategy and was a catalyst for delivering risk mitigation strategies and solutions. Mr. Bahadur was also the President and cofounder of Ether2 Corporation managing business development, client acquisition, marketing, fund raising and the strategic direction and a Manager at Ernst & Young where he developed security practices, practice aids, work programs and education material.  Mr. Bahadur can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

Mr. David Dietrich, MBA., Chief Technology Officer: Mr. Dietrich is currently the Chief Systems Architect for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. He holds an MBA in Marketing while bringing over 20 years of experience in all phases of product lifecycle management. From product creation, to development, to implementation, profitable product management is always at the forefront of David’s philosophy. His leadership in industry is recognized on the value proposition that quality products + superior customer service = prized customers and profitable business.  David served as Director of Engineering at AQUA Software, a technology systems provider for the travel industry.  While at AQUA, he envisioned, built and released 45 products targeted to travel companies whose revenue grossed $50 million + per year.  These products are still operating today, interfacing to the world’s five largest commercial databases providing value and lower costs to travelers globally.  David then served as Chief Technology Officer at HXXD, a Beijing based, Chinese multinational firm focused on homeland security.  At HXXD, David pioneered the design, manufacture and implementation of SkyEyes, a facial recognition tool aimed at finding criminals, terrorists, and other persons of interest from real-time video feeds. SkyEyes is actively used daily by Beijing Capitol Airport, transportation centers throughout China, and at strategic Chinese border checkpoints. As a continued testament to David’s international acumen, he is fluent in the culture and language of Mandarin Chinese. Mr. Dietrich can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

Ms. Kimberly S. Daise, Esq., Chief Legal Officer: Ms. Daise serves as General Counsel and handles contractual and legal matters.  Ms. Daise has represented major offshore banks, corporate clients, and has extensive experience as a litigator. Ms. Daise can be reached directly at 866-9-PET-LAB or e-mail

For More Information & Interested Parties:

Pet-Labs welcomes associations with veterinarian's, veterinary technicians, pet service providers and other strategic partners nationally. can be reached at 866-9-PET-LAB or visit the company's website at or email

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