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22nd April 2011 - Pet-Labs To Reach 10 Million Pet Owners via Social Media & Celebrity Endorsements

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Pet-Labs To Reach 10 Million Pet Owners via Social Media & Celebrity Endorsements

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - ("Pet-Labs") is proud to announce our marketing focus to reach 10 million pet owners in 2011 via social media and celebrity endorsements.  Pet-Labs offers health, wellness and specialized pet laboratory testing as described at Pet-Labs enables pet owners to purchase affordable testing services directly at 40% to 60% reduced cost and savings for their pets.  Pet owners have the added convenience of receiving at home services provided by veterinarians or certified veterinary technicians.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Pet-Labs new web commercials, celebrity endorsements via their Facebook and Twitter followers, and our goal to reach 10 million pet owners via social media marketing in 2011.  Technology has changed the way innovative companies reach consumers and market their brand.  With the success of Facebook having over 500 million subscribers, Twitter over 200 million subscribers, Linked In with over 100 million subscribers, and You Tube with over 100 million video views a day.  The opportunity to reach mass numbers of consumers which once took years to build a brand now can take days and weeks.  We notice this every time there is a new viral sensation on the internet.” said Ed Estriplet, Jr. Founder & CEO of Pet-Labs

“We are engaging a number of celebrities such as Chantelle Anderson former professional basketball player, Lional Dalton former professional football player, and other celebrities who are working with Pet-Labs.  We have and will complete a number of photo shoots and video commercials with celebrity personalities to promote Pet-Labs. Additionally, our commitment as a socially responsible company extends to our initiative to make charitable donations to the favorite pet organizations of our celebrity endorsers. For every new pet owner who signs up to our network, we will make a donation to the charities the celebrities have selected such as the Best Friends Animal Society or The American for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).” said Gary Bahadur., Chief Security Officer of Pet-Labs.  

Pet-Labs is focused on providing an educational service to pet owners nationally regarding their pets health and wellness.  Pet-Labs will never replace the role of a primary veterinarian.  Pet-Labs does not treat or diagnose, we provide pet owners education on wellness laboratory testing services.” said Dr. Matthew J. Toia, DVM., Chief Veterinary Officer of Pet-Labs.  

Pet-Labs welcomes associations with veterinarian's, veterinary technicians, pet service providers and other strategic partners nationally.

About (“Pet-Labs”)

Pet-Labs is the first national consumer direct pet laboratory company.  Pet-Labs enables pet owners to have blood tests done for their pets conveniently at their own home.  Pet-Labs is a national direct to consumer animal health, wellness, and specialized testing laboratory staffed by licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Our outstanding, caring staff guides our clients through the process of selecting the appropriate tests, purchasing, and understanding your pet's results.

Pet-Labs offers hundreds of screening tests for wellness and preventive profiles from diabetes, nutritional, and much more.  All of Pet-Labs laboratories are certified at both the federal and state level, and perform to the same or better standards as tests that are offered through your local veterinarian's office or animal hospital.

Pet-Labs nationwide network of animal service agents are actually veterinarians and veterinary technicians, experts in drawing blood from animals, who will come to your home to draw the necessary samples, saving you a trip and your pet from the undue stress of travel.

For More Information & Interested Parties:

Pet-Labs welcomes associations with veterinarian's, veterinary technicians, pet service providers and other strategic partners nationally. can be reached at 866-9-PET-LAB or visit the company's website at  or email   

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